Best Food Experience in Bath – The Circus Restaurant

The Circus As we came upon this quaint looking building with dim lights, a few wooden chairs loosely arranged around small table, it was The Circus Restaurant. At first glance, my wife was not impressed. I remember her saying, lets go somewhere else. She definitely wasn’t “feeling” this place. No bright lights with huge chandeliers or ostentatious floral arrangements. I insisted that we go and … Continue reading Best Food Experience in Bath – The Circus Restaurant

Where’s the Food?

Chef’s Table at Mimo, London. A typical Jamaican meal has a heavy serving of starch. This could be rice, yam, dumplings, green bananas, breadfruit or any combination of the aforesaid. The protein may be a small piece of chicken, beef, pork or fish. All served with plenty of gravy. Most Jamaicans would pour scorn on fine dining portions. It’s just ridiculous. They would ask “where … Continue reading Where’s the Food?

You need to eat here: Bernardi’s, London

It was another rainy afternoon and we’re strolling around central London trying to find a restaurant. There was one I intended to use for our second wedding anniversary but I got persuaded otherwise. Today seemed like a good day to finally try Bernardi’s. This simple and laid back Italian restaurant is located in Marylebone, close to Marble Arch, just off Edgware Road. The soft lighting … Continue reading You need to eat here: Bernardi’s, London