Food Spots in London

When I first came to London, I was warned not to expect much of British food. Being a Jamaican, my taste bud was already cultured in overpowering flavours, lots of spice and large portions. One of the first things I set about doing was to find restaurants with the best tasting food. A few days in and a friend introduced me to Turkish food. After one outing, I was sold on the it. I have not looked back. 

The Platter, Kervan Soufrasi

Having left my Jamaican jerk behind, I was definitely on the hunt for a good grill. This delectable meal was it. Tender pieces of lamb, juicy junks of chicken all grilled to perfection. Instantly I became hooked. Did I mention that the portions was what sealed the deal? We love “nuff” food. Still there is one most remarkable taste that I will always seek for – warm, soft, Turkish flat bread.

The journey continued at little shop in Charring Cross, Carbon. I was now in my second month and I was trying to make a convert, another Jamaican.

Lamb and Chicken 

At the end of the meal, she was converted. From then onwards, we always look for Mediterranean food first. A few weeks later we were in Covent Gardens, TAS, at another Turkish spot. 

Tavuk sis: Skewers of marinated chicken with couscous rice

The couscous rice was new to me but it was so fresh, crunchy and tasty. There is something about the salads served with all these dishes. Maybe it’s the lemon juice and the chopped parsley or mint mixed with olive oil. You will always want more. The food from the Middle East has definitely resonated with me.

Until next time, say no to bland food.

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