Food Spots

Kerridge’s Bar and Grill

Major Food Review

I’ll call this one, Great Expectations.

Over the past few months during the lockdown I have been glued to my television set and watching countless cooking shows. Having read for a degree in food chemistry, I am fascinated by food. I have watched Tom Kerridge participate in various shows. So when I got invited to Kerridge’s Bar and grill, the excitement was palpable. 

The ambiance was perfect. The dim lighting, large leather chairs, friendly and professional waiters make this spot idyllic. What I did not quite imagine accurately was what the quality of the food would be like. For sure it was pricey, my hope was that the taste matched the hype.

Cod Fillet

The fillet of cod was perhaps the best meal at the table. Coming from a place where we have salted cod as a part of out national dish, it was a welcomed surprise to have unsalted cod. The large chunk of fillet was lightly seasoned, allowing you taste the natural flavour of the fish. The texture was foreign to us. After so many years of eating cured cod, this was enlightening and inspiring. I am already envisioning cod steamed in coconut milk. 

Lamb Noisette

I had the lamb noisette. The noisette is cut from the loin of the lamb and is also known as the saddle. Between the weird textures and awful tastes, I was just completely disappointed. Nothing on this plate pleased my taste buds. It was not salty or sweet, no umami. Just a horrible tasting, fancy looking overpriced meal. My sister ordered the duck breast. It had to be sent back to the kitchen as she wanted the duck breast well done. The meat was rubbery; impossible to cut or chew. Fortunately we had a most gracious waiter who tried his very best to salvage something out of the evening’s event.

Duck breast

Our waiter, bless his poor heart, tried to appease us with the deserts. I must say, one actually hit the spot. For a minute I could forget about the terrible night we were having. This was the cheese fondue. It had a lovely mix of textures and flavours. I would never score this less than 10/10.

Cheese Fondue

Every now and then you visit what is described as a posh restaurant from some famous chef but the food is substandard. One doesn’t need a cultured taste bud to know when food is unpalatable. When you come from a region of the world where people over indulge in spices, it is very easy to judge food. But of course, with some places you don’t go for the food but for the experience. My only take away is this: “Kerridge’s Bar and Grill? I’ve dined there.”

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