Fighting Temptations While You Wait

The concept of waiting until marriage to engage in sexual relations is a policy purported by religious groups. Outside of such circles it is almost embarrassing to announce that you’re a virgin and, worse that you are waiting to get married before having sex. Still, if one subscribes to this idea of waiting, the matter of fighting temptations becomes hugely significant. There are tremendous biological, … Continue reading Fighting Temptations While You Wait

Should We Still Take the Knee?

Some seem to think that because we score goals, run fast, shoot basketball well, sing and rap beautifully that it will make people stop being racist. Racism is not a fickle emotion expressed by fans because their team isn’t doing well. It is a type of mental illness that causes one set of people to undervalue and undermine the worth of another set of people. … Continue reading Should We Still Take the Knee?

Hurt People Hurt People

Jamaica’s current homicide rate:- 46.5 per 100,000 is the second highest in the world. We still only have a population of 2.9 million people in a geographic area no more than 11,000 km2. Jamaica became an independent nation a little shy of 60 years ago. How did we manage to achieve this unenviable position of second in the world with homicide cases? Total murders in … Continue reading Hurt People Hurt People

The Downfall of Many Men

An African mental health nurse once told me that three things will destroy any good man: alcohol, gambling and women. We don’t need peer reviewed studies in some top tier journal to confirm what we already know. Irresponsible living destroys the strongest, richest of us all. Intemperate men are a danger to themselves. The unwillingness to retain control over variables that can inflict hurt or … Continue reading The Downfall of Many Men

Selecting a mate to mate with

Is this the person you want to be the mother of your children? The moment we see someone, their physical appearance speaks to us. Unconsciously or consciously, we note their physical attributes. The texture of their hair, height, shape of their face and lips as well as their size. If you’re a man, certain anatomical features get observed instinctively and the same for women. What … Continue reading Selecting a mate to mate with

Grove Park in Seasons

Situated in the southeast of London is a quiet and peaceful town called Grove Park. Adjoining towns are Lewisham and Bromely which are more well known. I decided to track the Chinbrook Meadow over the different seasons. This park was visited by none other than Desmond Tutu who at one point lived in Grove Park. It’s interesting to see how the environment changes over the … Continue reading Grove Park in Seasons

Pictures of Bath, An Old Roman City

Old Roman Roads There are many interesting sights and scenes in this well planned town. From Roman columns to centuries old roads to unique bridges along the Avon river, the views are absolutely picturesque. The monochromatic buildings made from stone are signifying mark of the town. Nothing seems out of place, even the newer buildings conform to the dominant Georgian styles. Night Lights  The Bath … Continue reading Pictures of Bath, An Old Roman City