What is a man?

IMAGE: florenceitaly.ca
The date was 8 June 1504 when Michelangelo’s David was installed at the front of the Palazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy. This masterpiece is probably the most famous sculptor in the world. It is considered a perfect work of art. A representation of the biblical hero David, the Hebrew, this image is also a symbol or liberty and freedom for the people of Florence. Apart from that, it is the perfect picture of a man. No surgery. No hormone treatment. No steroids. Just simply a man.

In 2016, a man can be anyone and pretty soon anything. I spent 30 years hearing that I’m a man. Anyone that carries a Y chromosome and has a penis along with testes is defined as male. At birth, the doctors examine you and determine from your anatomical features that you’re a male. I’m quite satisfied with the biological definition so assigned. We have operated under this same premise for hundreds of years. But today, I see where a person lived for over 60 years as a male, having possessed every qualification for a male, has now done surgical operations and convinced sane persons that he’s a female.
Human development is such that there are persons whose gender unassigned at birth because they carry both male and female genitalia and hormones in various ratios. For some, there is a dominant set of hormones that manifest in physical features over time, for others there is a delicate imbalance that persists through life. Individuals who have to struggle with this undifferentiated sex or  both genitalia may feel trapped and confused. As such they need comfort, reassurance and support. This is a unique challenge however and is attributed to  biological anomalies.
In the developed countries there are a number of cases in which persons who were classified as male at birth are now claiming to be female. The reason? They feel like they are….trapped in the wrong body. The single most powerful reason for the transitioning is how they feel. They have gone on to successfully persuade other well thinking individuals to accept them as this other new gender. It’s possible in some countries, to even get a new birth certificate with your new sex. Life as we know it will never be the same.
Now, I’m a simple man and I don’t presume to know what’s going on in the mind of these trapped individuals. But if gender is fluid, why pick one? Why not just be a person? No true male or female exists anymore. It’s all relative to how you feel at the given moment. So remain unidentified and be whatever you want. The theory of relativity has found new life but I’m not sure Einstein would agree with the progression. I wonder if he would be able to differentiate between “sex” and “gender.”
This is just one confusing mish-mash. All that they told us over these hundreds of years is a lie? Something so fundamental as your sexual identity is not fixed but a variable, dependent on what “energies” you’re feeling? Then, to see well-learnt individuals argue in favour of such a transition is disheartening to me. A man really has to be persuaded in his own mind as to what is and what isn’t.

Freedom of thought and speech

I for one believe you’re free to be whatever you think you want to be. My problem is with you forcing me to accept that you are this new thing. Then these persons are obnoxious enough to require that I not voice any disagreement. Am I not at liberty to say how I feel? Is it that you’re freedom of speech trumps mine? Why can’t I make up my own mind about what I think you are? Having concluded, why can’t I say it out loud?
I don’t like baggy pants nor do I like cheese. I don’t eat pork and I actually think that alcohol is toxic. Can I not say this? Am I not allowed to tweet this or post on my Facebook account? What law prohibits me from saying it out loud? The constitution works for everyone and not just the minority. The UN Charter of Rights goes for all people. Therefore, there should be no reason for Booker Prize winning author Mr. Ian McLean to apologise for the following statement:

“Call me old-fashioned, but I tend to think of people with penises as men.” Well, I suppose they do call it your “manhood”.

It’s his opinion.  That’s how the man feels. Why should he deprived of the freedom of having and voicing his “feelings”?

As a scientist, I will forever hold to a man always being a man. Somethings are absolute. No amount of surgery and hormone treatment will change that. You may disagree and that’s within your right. The LGBT community may call me all sorts of names and that’s fine. Just don’t compel me to accept your opinion. Now, respect my right to have an opinion and I’ll respect yours.
A man is still a man.

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