The Best Things I’ve learned from my Grandma

“Most of us at some point in our lives, find someone who means more to us than anyone ever will or ever have. Usually, it’s a long legged lady if you’re a man or tall guy if you’re a woman.” This is a paraphrased version of Bill Wither’s introduction to the song, Grandma’s Hand. He goes on to sing about his grandmother. If you were one of those kids who grew up spending time with your grandmother, then listening to this song will definitely make you nostalgic. I find that our true heroes are oftentimes our grannies. What they accomplished with the type of resources they had is mind-boggling. For me, it’s the succinct messages I learned from simply watching her.

Pray when you get home
First thing she does when coming home from a trip is to pray. Today, praying is banned in schools. God isn’t recognized as important. Religion is seen as a problem. But what accounts for our safe travels to and from home? Several persons leave home and never make it back. Entire families leave home and none of them ever return. A truck, out of nowhere smashes into their vehicle and every single person in the car dies. Yet, you make several trips all over the place, have abundant near misses, but you make it home. Is it luck? Credit who you want. I’ll credit God, just like granny.

Love your children unconditionally
We’ve all heard about the black sheep in the family. There’s that one person who makes the worse decisions over and over again. They’ve blown all their money, the family is a wreck, they’re up to their necks in debt and always borrowing money. Your parents might have had enough and decide to cut you loose but your grandmother is always willing to give you a second chance. Grandma will go into her pension and give you money to support your dream. When everyone washes there hands from you, one person will forever be in your corner, Granny. Grandmothers, a lot of times, love unconditionally. They see your painfully obvious flaws but they also see the potential buried deep within. Having lived so long and seen so much, it’s clear to them what the passage of time can do to a young, irresponsible dreamer.

Dish the truth
Not all of us relish hearing that we made the wrong decision about something or someone we really like. The wise eyes of Granny, could see a long way off, the trouble you now find yourself in. In my case, grandma wasn’t afraid to dish you a cold plate of truth. Often people are not prepared to hear it but like nasty tasting medicine, it’s just what you need.

Isn’t it funny how as young, headstrong individuals, with limited thinking capacity, we ignore sage counsel from those who have been there and done that. Our just over two decades on the planet somehow qualify us as good evaluators of people and things. These are the times when it’s most difficult for our developing mind to see reason. But it is precisely at this point we need to be constantly inoculated with truth. These seeds will bear fruit later.

Keep busy
Millennials get tired so easily and we complain about being stressed at the appearance of anything requiring a little more thought or effort. Mondays are dreaded because we go back to work. Fridays are celebrated as it marks the end of work. Weekends are the best because there is no work.  My grandmother is over five decades my senior and all my life she’s been working. As I write, she might be making breakfast while washing and still finding time to operate her shop. She still does some gardening even though it’s far reduced from what she used to do in years gone by.

If I could inherit half her strength and tenacity then I’d be fine. This drive to keep on going even in the face of adversity and obvious deficiencies is one thing I covet daily. I’m convinced that if we’re busy, keep grinding, day in and day out, we’ll stay out of trouble but, more importantly, we will achieve our goals.

Laugh a lot
When that broad smile hits her small face, it’s like a thousand fireflies captured in a jar. There’s something about an infectious laughter that needs the support of your bowels to sustain you whilst falling off a chair. Granny’s jokes evoke uncontainable and uncontrollable laughs. I find they have the uncanny ability to laugh at themselves, something we seldom do. Now, we are quick to laugh at people on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, but not ourselves. Ain’t nothing wrong with finding yourself funny and having a good laugh about it.

These days I don’t get to see her that much but when you see me replicating any of these little actions, I got it from my grandma!

As always, style is personal. Do you.

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