Top Fashion Trends in West Jamaica

The Kicks, Part I

Having recently moved to western Jamaica, it’s becoming apparent that the fashion trends and culture in this tourism hot spot is vastly different from what is seen elsewhere on the island. Businesses close by nightfall in the city center. Your best bet for a little nightlife is the famous Jimmy Cliff Boulevard otherwise known as “Bottom Road.” Most persons are employed in the tourism industry. Most employed persons wear a uniform. It’s definitely not a corporate environment.

So, what’s hot on the fashion scene?


This brand has resurfaced in the West and is definitely making waves. It’s the top choice of footwear for schoolboys of all ages.  There are a few girls rocking them as well. They come in various colours tan, brown, red pink, black, and white.

Kickers Men’s Kick Lo Classic Shoes – Black
Kickers Men’s Kick Hi Classic Shoes – Black

Kickers Men’s Kick Hi Classic Shoes – Red

Kickers is actually a French brand started in the 70’s by Daniel Raufast, as a complement to the popular denim fabric. The brand was quite popular with several musicians during the 70’s. Today it’s being worn by no less than Tommy Lee aka Uncle Demon.

70s Teen Pop Group: Silk

Another popular brand running the streets is the Clarks.

Clarks Desert Boot

Clarks Wallabee Boots

Clarks Original Desert Trek Boots

This is the one brand that never goes out of style. The company must by now have earmarked this territory of Jamaica and Jamaicans for special treatment due the sheer volume of sales they should be getting from us. I say “should” because knock offs are very, very common. 
These two brands are amongst the most popular in street wear fashion at the moment. This is what’s hot in the West. The next post will showcase the most loved sneakers in western Jamaica. 

Always remember, style is personal. Do you.

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