A Visit to Brighton Beach

After months of short, cold, dark and damp days, the sunshine is back. This past winter was my first experience of snow. The ice and snow made the days that much more miserable. Oh how I have waited for the sun. Anything to see the rays of this giant star. Slowly but surely, spring turned into summer. The temperatures inched upwards daily. Then we hit the majestic 20s and it was time to head for the coast of England.

Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are now almost fully lifted with only one round to go come June 21. A huge crowd was predictable based on what happened last year. Brighton Beach on the southern coast of England is just about an hour by train from London Bridge Station. It’s hard to decide whether Brighton of Margate have more persons on these warm days.

Brighton 2020 (Left), Margate 2020 (Right)

From the number of commuters on the train, it was certain to be jam-packed. What of social distancing? Using an iPhone, I captured a few sights and scenes from this lively seaside town.

Fancy a trip to the coast? Here’s what to wear.

Remember to take your sunscreen.

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