To My Unborn Son

Dear son,

You were born to be great. It may not yet appear that your role on this planet is unique but in time it will. There are over 7 billion people on the earth but only one you. There is no one just like you. Feel confident in the who you are. You are made this way for a specific purpose. An arrival at such a time as this was by deliberate design. There is something you are meant to do that no one else in the world is going to do.

Now let me tell you about this world as I see it. Humans are fickle. They can be unbelievably wicked or incredibly good. Sometimes friends are more loyal than family. But family can never be chosen and love is never guaranteed.

On God,

God is. I don’t know what truths you will discover as you grow through life but know that God exists. You can plan and prepare as much as you like, in the end, only the divine will can determine what will be successful. Commit your life to the Almighty and he will give you the best life one could ever have. This requires faith. However, faith does not make this easy instead, it makes things possible.

Life is unfair.

The world is a cycle. If you put good out into the universe, it will come back to you or your kids. And if you choose to do evil, it will be returned to you and yours. Treat people as you want to be treated but know that they won’t necessarily reciprocate. You can only control what you do. There is no way to control how people react and respond to you, so temper your expectations.

Guard you heart

Be careful what you let into your consciousness because such things cannot be removed once absorbed. Your conscious mind is directed by the experiences and information lodged in your subconscious mind. The input determines the output. Keep your mind unsullied from negative influences. Do not tolerate stupid people. Be deliberate about who you expose yourself to.

Breaking cycles

You will develop habits as you live your life. Some will be good and some bad. Remember this, excellence is an habit. You are what you repeatedly do. It is quite probable that you might find yourself in cycle that needs breaking. In which case you must act with alacrity and purpose. There’s nothing as dangerous as an insidious habit that slowly eats away at your soul. They usually start off as small and seemingly insignificant but they never end that way.


Money is the root of all evil. Lie! Greed and envy is the root of all evil. It’s usually people without money that say this. Still, it is useless to pursue money when wealth is a greater prize. Save, invest, use other people’s money. Never buy what you don’t need. No food is too expensive if it’s good for you. Take care of your health or it will take all your wealth.


Education not just about academics. Education is meant to equip you with the necessary tools to survive in this world. Learning is a skill, master it and nothing will be impossible. Read. Read. Read. The treasures of the world is hidden in books my son. Be it literature, history, psychology, anthropology, economics or philosophy, immerse yourself into the written word. Reading maketh a man.


It does not matter what you accomplish or become, unless you learn to persevere, you will fail. Inability to push forward, and get up after being knocked down will render you unsuccessful. Hard times are going to come. Tough days will arrive and knock on your door but these days won’t last. Adversity introduces a man to himself. The real you will become exposed when tragedy appears in your life. However, only death stops life. So until you die, keep on living my boy. Cry if you must, hide for a while but don’t you ever give up.


There’s much I could say but I am still learning. May you never stop learning too.

This letter stops here because I don’t know it all. Some things you will have to learn by discovery.

Love you,

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