Writing a Menswear Blog – Year 1

Why Blog? I spend a lot of time reading online magazines about menswear. From the Journal by MR PORTER, GQ Magazine, Esquire Magazine to men’s fashion bloggers like Blake Scott, The Sartorialist, and THE PREP GUY are all a part of my reading diet. Within the Jamaican context, the mellenials are not so much aware of what is trending in menswear in the major fashion capitals around … Continue reading Writing a Menswear Blog – Year 1

How to quickly become a Blogger.

mensxp.com So, I decided to follow what I see so many bloggers doing. No words, just lots and lots of pictures of themselves in various locations. These blogs are just  giant albums with a collection of photographs. Then we have the walking billboards, bloggers who do ads for different clothing companies. Social media marketing is completely different from what they taught you in business school. … Continue reading How to quickly become a Blogger.