How to quickly become a Blogger.

So, I decided to follow what I see so many bloggers doing. No words, just lots and lots of pictures of themselves in various locations. These blogs are just  giant albums with a collection of photographs.

Then we have the walking billboards, bloggers who do ads for different clothing companies. Social media marketing is completely different from what they taught you in business school. I suspect you may soon have to take a degree in social media marketing. Now is an ideal time to do a PhD in that field. There’s plenty of material for a thesis.

“A picture says a thousand words.”

So, Instagram can now be considered an encyclopedia with each user being a separate volume. At this stage, you cannot beat them so you might as well join them. I have now converted all my friends with smart phones into photographers. (Pronounced pho·tog·ra·phers ).

The Morning After…
Supporting the pole…

Conversation with God…

One wish….

You know what time it is?

Had a proper tan…
I’m still watching…
You must be kidding…

Get the idea? 
Here’s what you’ll need:
1. Clothes. Lots of clothes
2. A high quality camera.
3. Location
4. Photographer
5. The look; how to pose.

Select your best pics and post them. Repeat as often as you can afford to. Voila! You’re now a blogger. Here are a few popular blogging sites:


Back to me…

What did you just say?
Closed for the afternoon…
Credit to all my amateur photographer friends who captured these images. These are all my clothes and they are not for sale. As for the brands, who cares. If it feels good and looks good then the name on the tag doesn’t really matter. This collaboration is with my closet. 

There you have it, the new way to blog. This is just not my style. But, to each his own. The original format of The Essentials returns next week.

“Style is personal.” Do you and have fun while you’re at it.

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