Suit Up.

College days are over and so college style dressing must be a thing of the past for you. Fresh into your first job and you start making the rounds. It’s time you start thinking about what types of suits you’re going to need for your wardrobe. The days of a shirt and tie alone are over. And no, you’re not Mark Zuckerberg so you don’t get to wear a hoodie everywhere. From church services, to banquets, fund raising dinners and date nights will require you get a few suits. You have to think carefully about what pieces to select when you’re starting out.
Suits to women are like lingerie to men.”

Your First Suit

I always thought that your first suit should be black. That’s what I was told. Wrong!

The Charcoal Suit

You should get a two button, slim fit, charcoal suit as the first piece for  your wardrobe. It’s way more versatile than that black drab. Go easy with the dough, get something reasonably priced, with sufficient quality. As a young professional, you need to be thinking like an economist. Save as much as you can right now. Nonsense to spend an exorbitant amount of money on your first suit which may be ruined in one outing or at the cleaners. Seeing you’re just starting out, this one suit will be put through the rigours of different events and venues. Be smart, economical but not cheap.

The Navy Blue Suit

With that said, you’re ready for the next addition: the navy blue suit. Your first pieces are about versatility with a sense of style. Still work with the two button suits. You could go for a three piece suit. This gives more options. Vest and slacks, jacket and slacks or all three at once.

The Black Suit

Now you can get that black suit. Because you’ll be attending black tie events, funerals, graduations, church and dinners. Or maybe you’re the lawyer type or an upcoming politician, a standard black suit will be a sartorial must have.

The  Tan Suit

Seeing you have the basics, let’s step it up a notch. It’s time to lighten things up a bit. Personally, I love the tan suit. Just right for spring or summer when the sun is out, the days are bright and the plants are teeming with life. Then there’s just something about earth tones.

Photo: Rommel Demano/2013 Rommel Demano

The Grey Suit

Fifty Shades of Grey? Yes! You may want to note this, your favourite colours will match perfectly with your grey suit. Just think about it. A blue or white shirt, pink, blue or red tie and almost any pocket square. This is another utility suit in your wardrobe. You can also mix and match: grey jacket, black pants.

Special Pieces

The Tuxedo

Your traditional tuxedo is black. This is what you wear to the Governor’s Ball or to a black tie event with all the regular high society aficionados. For when your company gets an award for being most innovative in the field or whatever other award the critics want to give away. You want to now look the part since you’re moving up in society.
Nowadays, navy blue is the new black. Prior to now, women had all the fun and freedom to choose from a variety of colours when deciding on an evening gown. We, the men, were left with the black tuxedo. Not anymore. Check out this classic navy blue tux.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for that timeless piece of sartorial elegance, that sends you right up to the top of the well dressed list – the double breasted suit.

To me, there is just something quite elegant and stately about a double breasted suit. The average bloke will be in a two button suit. To avoid being in that mold, get one of these suits. The double breast has this edge about it. There is an air of history forging its way into modern culture. This is vintage menswear that will continue to make waves wherever it’s worn. Now available in slim fit versions!

How to pick a suit.

I’ve told you what to get, now how to decide. Know what you want so the salesman doesn’t overpower you into buying what he suggests. Investigate what is trending and stylish or dare to be fashion forward. Know your size. Know your size. (See your tailor). There are some finer details that you want to pay attention to. The infographic is a good guide and the videos offer tips from experts.

From the Experts….

How to look after your suit.

Now for two things on the Do Not Do List:

1. Do not button both buttons on the jacket
2. Do not sit with your jacket still buttoned.
There are a host of stores online from which you can cop a good deal on suits. If you know a good tailor, then you can get a bespoke suit. A bespoke (tailor-made) suit is sometimes better because it’s made with your own measurements. Either way, it’s quite easy to find a suit. Finding a good one will require an eye for detail and a knowledge of suits. You have been given sufficient info to make an informed decision. Happy shopping gents.

As always, do you because “Style is personal.”

*Pictures take from Pinterest unless otherwise indicated.

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