Not a jacket, it’s a Blazer!

It may be a little daunting to purchase a couple of well tailored suits when you’re on a budget. There is no need to worry. Can’t afford a suit? Get yourself a blazer. Get several blazers for that matter. Of course I’m not suggesting you replace your suit with a blazer. But until you can afford to have a wide range of suits, it’s worthwhile to invest in a couple of blazers.

Just what is a blazer?

This is a lightweight jacket, typically solid-coloured, often worn as part of a uniform by members of a club, sports team, or school.

That’s how it is defined. The history of this piece of classic menswear sees two sources being credited with its inception.
1. Lady Margaret – a boat club at St.John’s College, Cambridge.
2.The H.M.S. Blazer – a vessel in the Royal Navy.
The former being the more popular story.  The Gentleman’s Gazette does give a fairly extensive review of the history of the Navy Blazer. So, clearly we’re talking about an iconic piece of English menswear that dates back to the 1800’s. They’re really versatile pieces of clothing to have. A blazer can be worn with chinos, denims, corduroys, dress pants or shorts. You can can dress them up with a dress shirt and a bow tie or you can put on your favourite tees or tank top and you’re ready for a night on the town. The fun comes with the freedom to mix and match at will!

Found this floral patterned blazer on Zara’s

This I actually took from Pinterest. Add a nice flashy pocket square, lose the tie and voila! 
Image maybe subject to copyright
The thing about blazers is that they come in all different fabrics, colours, patterns and prices.

The Fabrics

We start with a wool blazer…

The Tweed Blazer
A Chambray Blazer

Denim Blazer…(I know you’re thinking Jeans Jacket.)

The Corduroy Blazer

The Patterns:

They can come as single or double button or like this Double Breasted Blazer. 

Dollar$ and Sense

I often advocate for men being practical and practising good economy with their hard earned cash. The prices of blazers vary for reasons which I won’t get into. Quite honestly, in some instances, I can’t fathom why they cost so much. In looking around I came across this designer blazer by Massimo Alba available at MRPORTER. This linen blazer could set you back a whole $1275 US.
Or this “unstructured baby Cashmere” Blazer by Loro Piana at $5495 US
Of course the average chap doesn’t have that kind of money to spend on a single blazer. Not to worry, you actually have loads of options. First up are what I call mid range prices, that go from between $200 to $600 US. Got these two excellent suggestions from suitsupply.
Havana Light Brown Plain Jacket
Hudson Blue Plain Jacket
While I like these two, there is some comparison that’s worth doing. 
Do you really have to spend $400
Here’s why not:
The H&M Blazer
Linen-blend Blazer – $99
Single Button Blazer – $52 US
Those are two of the lower end options and there are many more where they came from. There are numerous other clothing stores from which you can purchase a really well made blazer for under $200 US. See Kohl’s or ASOS. Times are hard for the average chap. Money doesn’t come by easily so it means one must exercise financial prudence when shopping. Spend wisely.
Ok, so this post was a bit long but consider this, now you’re well exposed to the world of blazers. One more tip for success on your sartorial journey.
As always, do you. 
“Style is personal.”

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