Do I have to wear a wrist watch?

A time piece not only tells the time, it is a mark of true gentleman-like quality. Here, function and fashion merge into one item – the wrist watch.

How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?

Dr. Seuss

Time is one commodity we will always be in need of yet still we always never make proper use of it.

Ever wondered who was  the first to measure time? Where did the unit for time come from? who came up with day and night, weeks and months, years and seasons?

In checking with the Guinness Book of World Records I found that the first wristwatch was:

  • Manufactured by Patek Philippe 
  • Made in Hungary
  • Designed for Countess Koscowicz
  • Done 01 January 1868

The pocket watch was invented much early and was common with men. Initially they rejected wearing the wristwatch but eventually the practicality of it won over the military men and then the civilians followed. Today both men and women wear watches. This little accessory is now a major fashion statement. You’re not fully dressed if you do not have on a watch. At least that’s what some say.

1.They can be analogue or digital.

2. Made with plastic or metal.

3. The watch bands can either be plastic,  


or leather.

What keeps it ticking?

The movements of the hands of the analogue watch are either Quartz or Mechanical. For the Quartz, energy comes from localised battery which sends electrical current to a small quartz crystal thus creating vibrations which are responsible for driving the motor. It’s the motor that turns the hands.

Quartz Watch

Mechanical movements use energy from a spring rather than a battery. The energy stored in the spring is used to power a series of gears and springs which result in the ticking of the hands. Mechanical watches can give either Manual or Automatic Movements.

Mechanical Watch

The Manual Movement requires that you physical wind the mainspring to start the movements. When the energy is spent it must be wound again. 

The Automatic Movement is regulated by motion of the wearer’s wrist. The movement of the wrist initiates the winding mechanism and produces sufficient energy to operate the watch. These may still require winding but only if the watch hasn’t been worn in a long time.

A few watches use solar energy to generate the movements. Some combine this with one of the mechanisms mentioned above.

Luxury Watches

Forbes: Maitres du Temps Chapter One Round Transparence. $540,000 
Forbes: Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4. $2,400,000 

Eye popping right? Those are for the rich and famous who use seasons as verbs. They “winter”  in the French Alps and “summer” in Cancun. For the average Joe, there are plenty of reasonably priced watches that does the same thing as a Rolex or Hublot – tell the time and make you look no less a gentleman.

Kenneth Cole: Rose Gold with Mechanical Dial. $195

Calvin Klein: Minimal Mesh Band. $225
Headupwatches: Blu Camo Edition: 40,00 €

ALDO: Arigocein. $35

The GQ guys show how it’s done!

It’s the little things that sometimes speak the loudest. Nothing speaks to your individuality like accessories. So, the answer is yes, you need it. Don’t leave your hand bare, find a nice watch. Ladies, hint hint.

I am deliberately not going into the whole wearable technology idea. So no mention of the Apple Watch or any other such gadget. I am NOT a cyborg. A watch is a watch.

I’m still wondering though, who came up with the unit for time? If you have the answer please share.

As always, do you. “Style is personal.” 

*All pictures taken from Pinterest unless otherwise stated. 

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