What Women Want for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just about 3 days away and there is some guy out there who’s going nuts trying to figure out the perfect gift. Now, you don’t want to be too cheap. But you may still be wondering: what if I go all out and she doesn’t like it. As a blog catering to males I initially thought of what we guys would want for V-Day but I had an epiphany. It’s easy to shop for a guy. We are straight forward. Guys all over face a dilemma: What gift should you get her?

I decided to go the direct route; ask women what would they like for V-Day. I put aside my preconceived notion about women not knowing their minds, took up my phone and sent the question to few lady friends. To say the responses were interesting would be to make the understatement of the year.

Lady1: Damn…have no clue
Lady2: Idk
Lady3: Just a slice of cake
Lady4: Nothing at all..
Lady5: Food most definitely
Lady6: I like gold jewelry
Lady7: Me?

I had a hard time containing myself while reading these. Was it the shock of the question being posed that forced those responses? Could it be that women are just not really into V-Day anymore? One sure way to find the answers is to not get them anything. I guarantee that this would be a mistake you live to regret as long your relationship lasts. I suggest that you get her something. Do not take an “Idk” for “Idw” (Idw = I don’t want).

Now we have that settled, on to the next matter – the gift. Everybody does roses and chocolate. You need to break the mold without breaking the bank. This requires creativity on your part. Hopefully you have been paying attention to the little things she fancies. Such info would come in really useful now. Is she a fan of perfumes or accessories? Shoes, hats or bags? What’s her favourite colour? Pink or purple? Can’t recall? (That’s really poor) I suggest you ring her bestfriend.

Personalized Large Storage Box

IMAGE: gettingpersonal.co.uk

This can be had at Getting Personal.They actually allow you to have a short message inscribed on the cover of the box. To add to this, enclose a handwritten note and a perfume. She can use the box to store her trinkets and accessories. Better yet, compose a few notes on strips of cards and have her store them in here.

Personalized Wooden Photo Frame

IMAGE: gettingpersonal.co.uk
It’s all about personalizing the items. The attention to details is very important. Select a memorable photograph and have it framed. She’ll always have it on her desk or somewhere prominent.

Personalized Card

IMAGE: thesweetestoccasion.com
The days of going into your local department store to pick up a card are over. Have a personalized card delivered directly to her. You can choose what pics you want on it, the design and your very own words. The guys over at Moonpig have tons of templates.

How good of a cook are you?

If you have this chef thing as a part of your repertoire then make her a meal she’ll never forget…in a good way. Variety is key. Do a meal that is sure to be flavourful with a prominent aroma. Avoid making it too spicey. Go easy on the grease, she has a waistline to protect and don’t forget about the calories…so think healthy dishes. As for drink, I’ll leave that to you.

I’d suggest to get some music: Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck


Find a really nice restaurant with just the right ambiance for dinner. Check the menu and make your reservations early. Last thing you want is a menu that has nothing you want to try. Sweeten the treat by getting a specially prepared desert. Walk with a gift…
IDEA #5 
Picnic Treat

Whether at the beach, a well manicured garden or somewhere only tended by mother nature, the great outdoors is always a fun place to be. Make it a surprise.You’ll have to take your own food but on the plus side it’s a far comparison to the routine dinner date in a cozy restaurant. The smells, sights and sounds will make it worthwhile and refreshing. 
Handwritten Love Letter

As kids growing up, there could be no romance without a handwritten love letter. A simple love note scribbled on small piece of paper would send your heart racing. The sheer suspense that gripped you as each fold was opened was enough to cause palpitations. The words printed on the paper causes your cheeks to slowly relax and work into a wide grin.
Then came the instant message!

We don’t write anymore. When was the last time you actually wrote a paragraph on a sheet of paper. If you have a good fist, why not pen her a letter? No corny rhymes please. Sign it with whatever term of endearment she uses. Send it through the post. You can’t get more sentimental than that. She won’t ever forget this.
* * *
Try not to make it all about THE day, it’s about the love. Therefore, celebrate even on the 14th of Never. As for the gift ideas, a single item on it’s own may not give the desired effect, so combine ideas. Of course I am no authority on the subject but we could all use a little help sometimes. Lastly, what she will want most of all is time. Quality time.

Bon Chance!
Remember, Style is personal. Do you.

*All pictures taken from Pinterest unless otherwise stated.

One thought on “What Women Want for Valentine’s Day

  1. Palpitation and damn butterflies were all I could remember that night…good piece. Btw, I remembered someone sent me a card via the mail…every time I think about it I smile…the sentiment is forever etched in my brain and heart.


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