How to dress for work and pleasure with TM Lewin


Today’s challenge: How to dress for work in a corporate office when you have serious after-work plans.
After leaving the office you meet up with friends to have a good time at your local diner. There is no time to go home and change, so whatever is worn must allow you to smoothly transition between scenes.

I have turned to a trusted clothing provider for over 100 years, T.M.Lewin, to solve this challenge. The complete outfit including accessories can be had from the store. They have a long standing tradition of producing high quality garments. As is customary, The Essentials always seek to offer very fashionable pieces at a reasonable cost. Such is the case with T.M.Lewin.

01 of 04 Suit Required

If a suit is required then I would recommend a slim fit, two piece suit. Blue is the new black so opt for a shade of blue. T.M. Lewin carries a extensive selection of suits with varying styles, fabrics and prices.

What to wear this with: button down shirt, knitted navy tie, white pocket square.

As you leave the office remove the tie.

02 of 04 So Blue

The key feature in these combinations is the blazer. It gives that formal appearance during the day and still fits in perfectly with your evening rendezvous. A smart looking tie with matching cuff links exude professionalism. I opted for chino pants because of their relaxed fit and superior comfort. The fabric is far more flexible than that of your average dress pants. The pocket square – this elevates you to the dandy peacock status. After this you’ll be giving style lessons in the office.

As you transition into happy hour, I’d say lose the tie. This will give a more relaxed look and feel. You will still retain your elegance with the navy blazer and the popping pocket square. Some persons may want to remove the blazer along with the tie and that could work as well.
Now, I prefer to lay out all my attire as they will appear when I put them on. This gives me a better feel for how it will look without having to try them on before the mirror.

Brown and navy are two of the more ideal colours for transitional clothing; these can easily be complemented. Add a hint of green with this check shirt and you’ll be looking quite spiffy. The knitted tie is a definite plus and well suited for the office however, it is optional for the evening’s engagements. The well tailored suit pants is still not too dressy for an evening out.   

04 of 04 Sapeur

A Sapeur from Brazzaville, Congo, once said that, each outfit should be based on a combination of at least three colours. This was the inspiration for this mood board: red, navy, burgundy and pink.
What to wear this with: Navy Pink Stripe Socks, Red Paisley Silk Pocket Square

The fine prints give the dress shirt a unique look. The navy is a rich, solid colour; not too bright, not too dull. I just decided to break the mold with this burgundy corduroy trousers. This is not the time to be average. In order to get ahead you need a distinctive edge. However, you don’t want to be ostentatious, but classic. The grey blazer provides a good contrast and offers the perfect balance for the outfit. No necktie is included because an air-tie would be just fine for some offices. When it’s time to go have some fun, just unbutton the top.

Mission Accomplished!
As always, style is personal. Do you.

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