10 Easy ways to impress the lady

A great deal of what we men folk do is to impress some woman. We do it for our mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends or those potential mates. Some actions are attention grabbing while others make an indelible mark. With women, you want to aim for the latter; hold the attention once you get it. Here’s a little friendly advice to achieve this.

1. Dress sharp

The first thing she will see is your attire. You may get away with unkempt hair but you had better be properly attired. There can be only one first impression and this will be lasting. Therefore, always try to look your best. You don’t always need a suit and tie. Sometimes it’s about the colours, the layers and how you wear the clothes.
Go for clean lines, tones that suit your complexion, and go easy on the layering once winter is gone.

Get the right fit. Know your shirt size (neck and sleeve) and trouser size.

The clincher: a good pair of shoes.

2. Moisturize. Moisturize

Should a chance be given, to hold the hand of the lady, you will surely not want her to think you mix concrete for your day job. (Nothing is wrong with mixing concrete). A nice, clean, pair of soft hands, with well kept fingers will go a far way in smoothing her over. So, get a moisturizer and use it after you shower or wash your hands. 

3. Wear a watch

Wearing a wrist watch does say something about the type of man you are.  It’s just as important as a woman’s handbag, appropriateness of one’s tie, the cut of one’s suit, or the height of your heel. It certainly makes you appear stately. This doesn’t need to be expensive. But should you invest in something pricey. Remember, a good watch can last a life time.

4. Conversation

So she sees that you’re looking fabulous. What’s under the hood? Be able to strike up a conversation at a moment’s notice. Smile. Have your questions ready. Pay attention to what you ask. Don’t get distracted by the smile and the seemingly right but vague response. Stick to your question. Smile. Women are efficient at evading questions and will shift your focus to what they want. Keep your ears peeled and focus on what you desire to ascertain. Smile.

IMAGE: www.evanmarckatz.com

Key to this communication is to get her to smile. She will remember how you look, and smell, but these are forgettable. However, people never forget how you make them feel. Allow her to feel at ease yet engaged, she’ll be cautious but comfortable.

Please remember her name. Simple trick: use it in sentences.

5. Pay attention to little details

Men are oftentimes accused of not paying enough attention. We always seem to miss the little, important things that matter to a woman. Allow your eyes to carefully wander across her body. Don’t stare. Don’t stare. Note anything unique: freckles, dimples, eyes or cheeks. Also, try to identify some characteristic feature that’s not tangible. Comment.

6. Confident not cocky

Not all the time will appearing totally humble and submissive woo a lady. Men are naturally born as leaders. Have an air of confidence about who you are and how you look. Avoid being obnoxious and cocky. This can be a huge deterrent. A display of such behaviour may lead her to harbour notions about you that could well be untrue. Be sure of what you know and admit what you don’t know. Never pretend.

7. Chivalry

It’s always the little things that count the most. Like opening the door for her, getting the chair or sending fresh flowers. Show her that you’re a protector and you care about her comfort. Certain gentleman qualities are never out-of-style. Action sometimes carry a more potent argument than a slew of words. 

8. Persistent not desperate

If there is sufficient substance in the woman, then you need to be persistent and pursue her all the way. But whatever you do, please, do not appear desperate, as if she’s the only one in the world. Once you have identified desirable qualities then go for it. No backing down or giving in until you have done your best to win her affection. Having done all you can to woo her, if she’s not persuaded, then quit and move on. It’s her loss and not yours. There are plenty more fishes in the sea

9. Follow up

We men love to receive gifts, sweet text messages and phone calls but we easily get accustomed to only receiving. Reciprocity makes a significant impression. So get spontaneous gifts, send those early morning text messages and make those midday calls (note to self).

10. Be eager to listen

It’s a fact that women easily form a bond with a man who will spend time to listen to her. Women connect with you by sharing what they’ve experienced and felt. It’s not all the time that she needs your advice, she just wants to bond with you. So, take the time to listen to what she has to say. Yes, even if it’s about some annoying co-worker, her soon-to-be hairstyle, or a brewing contention, with her girlfriends. Listen.

Human interactions can’t always be scripted. Women at their worst are very dynamic. As for pretending, that’s something we all do. Your only counter is to be yourself and be slow to judge but always be judicious and fair.

Style is personal. Do you.
*Pictures taken from Pinterest

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