Peacocks at Pitti Uomo 2016

“Gentlemen. What shall we do today?” 
“Same thing we do every day…”

Instagram has now reached 500 million active monthly users. It is the preferred marketing tool of all the social media apps. Up until the popularity of Snapchat, Instagram had captured and captivated the advertising market. Companies are now turning to Instagram for major ad campaigns. Those insta users with thousands of followers are now going full flegged into marketing and advertising. It’s (social media) like the best thing since sliced bread.

This week The Essentials shows the gentlemen who gathered for the men’s fashion fanfare in Florence,  Italy.  If you want to see and wear high fashion then it’s the place to be. Swarming the town also, are photographers from every corner of the globe looking to get that one shot. Here are a few posts from Instagram.

The peacocks are out.
Sometimes simplicity does it best. No bells and whistles…
Bikes that are as classy as these dandy lads.

How you accessorise is rather important you know. The individual mark of a gentleman is evidenced by such small components. 

Plaid said it best. As for what’s in the big…..let it rest.

The older the gentleman, the more refined his tastes in fashion.
You there. 
I see you…”
Very easy on the eyes. Because swagger comes in more jeans.

Just the two of us….we got this on lock down!

The well dressed man is an easy standout in any crowd. Let your clothes speak for you.

That’s it for Part I of this two part series on Pitti Uomo. If you like what you see then look up these guys. Remember, style is personal. Do you.

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