Finally, Male Fashion Models That Look Like Us!

IMAGE: London Collections Men

Have you ever really seriously taken a look at the models that appear on runways for these major fashion houses?

The paradox of it all is that they “model” clothes that the designers  want us, normal people, to wear. But these models look nothing like normal people. You, like myself,  might be wondering what is the average male body type? Thankfully, someone took a look at this issue. James Hamblin wrote a rather interesting article: This Is The Average Man’s Body Type, a comparison of the average body type of men from four different countries: USA, Japan, Netherlands and France. Graphic artist Nickolay Lamm had earlier put forward illustrations of these men for his Body Measurement Project.

IMAGE: Nickolay Lamm

 Now when I compare these Todd (as they’re called) to the lads I see at these fashion shows, it’s a clear night and day. This just leaves me baffled. But then, fashion shows normally are for those luxury/artistic pieces. Right? Right. This now leads me to question the body type of those who can afford these expensive clothes. Is that the rich and famous look like the models?


 I sometimes wonder if they are sick. The men are generally tall, slender and pale. The bones around the stomach can easily be seen from a mile. The scapula and collar bones are very pronounce. I always feel that they must only have crackers and tea as their main meals daily. Maybe they’re on some kind of ration. I may sound a bit crude but how else do you explain this extremely thin look that seems to be the ideal for male models?

Today we have a new set of models. I refer to them as the walking billboards. These are the men of Instagram notoriety. They look pretty much like your regular Joe. No square looking cheek bones, no protruding clavicle or scapula. These guys have a healthy looking appearance. You can tell they eat good food. Above all, they wear clothes you would actually purchase. There’s no runway, just your everyday places with a few rooftop shots now and then. You even know their names.

Ladies and gentlemen, Exhibit A:

Now observe Exhibit B:

If you please, Exhibit C:

Regarde s’il vous plait, Exhibit D:


Et prochaine, Exhibit E:

As the French would say, “Finalement!”:


So, there’s absolutely no need to feel bad when you view the blokes strutting their stuff on the runways. Instagram is showing us hundreds of perfectly normal men, average even, who look fashionable. If they can you do it, then you can too.

“Yes we can!”

As always, style is personal. Do you.

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