How to Care for your Dress Pants


Most men unless they work in a corporate office, don’t really own a great number of dress pants. They may go by different names, slacks, pants, or trousers, but they’re all the same. We tend to have the basics, black, grey, navy and brown. You honestly don’t need all that many but we’ll talk about that another time. So, with a limited amount of them, it means they will undergo numerous washing, drying and ironing cycles. Without proper care you may find that the fabric deteriorates, the color fades and the pants develops a sheen especially around the pockets. This is can be prevented.

To wash or not to wash?

Most tend to wash the trousers after each wear. This is not ideal. A little dry cleaning and they should be fine. If the pants is seriously soiled then it needs to be washed, otherwise it may be worn again. However, if you’re plagued by excessive perspiration you have to put them in the wash after each wear. Only wash when you really need to.

For washing, you will need cold water and detergent. In choosing a detergent you have to factor in that you’re handling colored fabric and as such it should cater to that. Wash and rinse thoroughly removing any residue of detergent.

If you use a conventional dryer then simply follow the instructions on the tag on the trousers. Using the sun will require that you turn the trousers inside out before putting them to dry. The next thing is to not allow the garment to remain in the sun for an extended period of time. This reduces damage to the color of the fabric. Exposure to excess sun will result in the color fading. So as soon as it’s dry remove it.



The British say, “You iron shirts and press trousers.”

It’s called “pressing” for a reason.
There was a time when I would just run the iron over my dress trousers. Eventually some would develop a sheen especially around the pockets. Think I’ve destroyed a few of my trousers this way. The proper way to press them is actually lay a piece of cotton fabric over the trouser them steam press.  There are commercially available shields for the face of the iron. When you’re through, store them on hangers.

How to press a pants by TM Lewin

Now you know. Best smart. Take good care of your clothes. When you invest in quality pieces it makes sense to preserve them for as long as possible. If you don’t know how then find out. The fashionable man should be domesticated. Learn these small that because they will only help your style game.

As always, style is personal. Do you.

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