The Newest Sartorial Upgrade – The Infinity Suit by TM Lewin


So you’ve seen the tweed, corduroy, linen, wool plus suits from various blends of fabrics. The problem is they all succumb to creasing and crushing leaving you looking like crimpled paper by the work day ends. What if there were a way to avoid that?

It’s time for an upgrade.

The Infinity Suit by TM Lewin is where British, sartorial excellence in men’s tailoring meets modern technology. Think of it as a union of old world charm with new age craft. It offers increased protection against a suit’s worst enemies: creasing and crushing. Whether you have to take the train or cycle to work, a concern of yours is if you’ll still look sharp for that afternoon meeting. Now you need not worry about that.

As Chase Armitage shows, you can perform all these Transporter-esk type activities and look as sharp as ever afterwards. With a resilent fabric, you will look as good as new even after all this.

What can you do in your suit?

A second concern for us gents is the heat. In some areas, it gets pretty warm between spring and summer. A suit may be a requirement for work. So you have a dilemma. This suit is the perfect solution. It’s open weave design functions to keep you cool all day long.

Both charcoal and navy are standard colors if you’re thinking of something for everyday wear. Easily combine these with a non-iron slim fit shirt.

Then it’s time to accessorise. I’m particularly fascinated with these initial cufflinks. This is how you really personalise your accessories.

An initial cufflink says it best. 

A suit is the ultimate sartorial item a man can possess. It’s not just about how it looks but also how it makes your feel. Bound up in the wearing of a well-tailored suit is a ball of powerful emotions. People recognize you. There’s the half smile from the older lady. The senior gentlemen gives you a nod. Consider it their way of saying “Good evening.” The concierge calls you, “Sir.” All this causes one to feel respected, valued and appreciated. You walk with an air of confidence.
Wearing a suit is no ordinary thing.

I’m confident in saying people over at TM Lewin understand this.

Style is personal, do you.

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