Chino pants

The Chino pants is the one piece of menswear that has become essential. You can’t wear denim to every function or activity because they may appear too casual. Needless to say, but a formal dress pants may make you overdressed on many occasions. What to do when you don’t want to wear jeans and a dress pants is an overkill?
Go for Chinos
This is the halfway between appearing too casual and too formal. Ever since being introduced by the army, they have become a staple in contemporary men’s fashion. These are the most versatile pair of pants you will ever own. You can dress them up or dress them down. There is just about every conceivable colour you can imagine.


Their relaxed fit gives extreme comfort. The fabrics are usually soft and light, offering effective flexibility. The absence of seams makes them easy to iron. A seam requires much attention and work to get it perfectly straight. This is often time consuming and therefore unwanted.
There are very few places that would prohibit you from wearing a chino. This adds to their utility. Whether walking along the promenade or going to the office, you won’t feel out of place.

How to wear them?

With the variety in colours, they can go with almost anything. From sweater vests, to tweed blazers, bomber jackets to dinner jackets.

Blazer and Chinos 

Whatever the type of t-shirt or dress shirts, there is a chino to match it. The combinations are endless. Check out the following.

V-neck sweater and Chinos 

Roll the sleeves up…

Henley t-shirt and Chinos 

As for footwear, you can opt for trainers, loafers or something a little more formal. You can choose to go with socks or without. The plethora of options is extremely convenient for the gentleman on a budget.

Chinos and sneakers

Be sure to know your waist size when  shopping. Most men tend to want them slightly short. This exposes the ankles or shows​ off their colourful socks. Try them on before leaving the store. If you’re doing online shopping, get your measurements taken by a tailor so you can have them on hand.

Where to get them?

H&M  $29.99

Hollister $49.95

Ralph Lauren  $85.00

There is no reason you can’t get as many pants as you desire. There is one for every occasion. A different color for every season.

As, always, do you. Style is personal.

*Pictures were taken from Pinterest

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