Choosing an Engagement Ring for her

“I’ve found a woman! Her smile is as bright as the sun. When she speaks, I listen because of her reservoir of wisdom. Her eyes identify my virtues and vices. With love she urges correction of my shortcomings. I’m at my best when I am with her. To live life without her would be settling for a barren, dry, arid land when a lush, green, well tended garden is available. I think I want to marry her.”
Now, somewhere in the history of our civilisation, some genius recommended that males demonstrate their love for a female by gifting them a small circular piece or expensive metal bearing an expensive piece of carbon. This flashy bit of carbon is also known as diamond. She is supposed to wear this thing at all times. Somehow, this small piece of metal must do the job of reminding her that she is loved by her man.

Who started this? 

Why did they do this?

What caused us to follow suit?
I have noticed that many of our cultural practices have no sound rationale. Some guy or company wanted their business to make money, so they figured out a way to sell their products. It’s not at all about love, rather, its about dollars and cents. And seeing that humans need to be led, we naturally follow someone or some group. Very few persons have the presence of mind to question the little habits we hold onto so dearly. “Monkey see, monkey do.”
A diamond ring is an accessory. An expensive accessory marketed by the jewelry industry as the perfect gift to demonstrate that a man loves a woman. That’s what love is? What about using that money to pay down on an apartment or a house. The money could be used to purchase appliances for the kitchen you’ll both use. What about a washing machine or a dryer? Could even open an investment account that you would benefit from in the future. There is nothing that says you must subscribe to the usual.

But if you must…

The traditionalists will want to stick to an age old idea of getting a diamond ring. However, most millenials are exploring other options. One such option is a gemstone ring. You can find gemstones to match the month she was born or the month your relationship started. These tend to be more personal as they can be customised and more symbolic thus offering a greater sentimental value. 

June Birthstone ring, Etsy $153
Aquamarine Stone, Etsy $489
Oval Amethyst Stone, Zales $251

Oval London Blue Topaz Stone, Zales $399
If you’re concerned about pricing then this option is ideal. They go from cheap, something you can purchase on Etsy or eBay, moderately expensive to very expensive. No need to break the bank or empty your savings for a small token. It’s not worth it. Think of the life you will build together. A ring does very little to enhance it. 
But that’s just my humble opinion. After all, style is personal, so do you. Create your own path and lead a trail for others to follow.

*Pictures courtesy of Pinterest unless otherwise stated,

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