Not all Collars are the same

There is this inconspicuous thing on a dress shirt we call a collar. Properly defined it is “the part around the neck of a shirt, blouse, jacket or coat, either upright or turned over“. In my fashion ignorant state, I had no clue that there were several different types of collars. Not only that, but they had names. Who ever decided to give names to collars? Oh well, here a few.

1. Classic (Forward point)

2. English Spread 

3. Cutaway 

4. Buttoned Down

5. Tab

6. Club

7. Mandarin

8. Pinned

Some types of collars should be worn without a tie. These include the Classic, Spread and Cutaway. The style of tie chosen must be determined by width of the lapel (if a coat is being worn) and the type of collar. The wide collars can accommodate broad ties. Narrow, angled collars are better suited for slim or skinny ties.

Style is personal. Do you.

*Pictures taken from Pinterest

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