How to care for your beard

A beard is a simple thing to take care of right?
Providing you have the right products it’s such a relatively easy task. The growing of a beard is now an established fashion trend among men of all different races. Step out into the street and every 1 in 3 guys have a beard game going. Age is definitely not a factor. Then they come in all shapes and sizes.

There’s not much to do with facial hair apart from washing and combing. Or so I thought. As the beard length increases so does the difficulty to care for it. A sure problem to surface is beard itch and dry skin that falls off as flakes. The experts say a microbe is responsible for this. Beard is hair, and just like that on your head, it is plagued by dandruff and dry scalp. The cause is the same, that little organism. The treatment is therefore similar – shampoo! Typically we use a dandruff shampoo to treat our head and hair. This same product may be applied to the beard.

L’Oréal Paris

Head & Shoulders

After all that washing it really makes good sense to add some form of beard oil. It helps with retaining moisture and giving the hair lustre. Of course, I had no idea what a beard oil was, until earlier I was gifted a bottle of Uncle Jimmy Beard Oil. The aroma from the different essential oils all concocted in one mix  is truly rich.

There are a number of new companies promoting beard care items. Bet you never thought of a business dedicated to beard products. Enter Luvenesco a relatively new company out of the UK, that does beard and skin care products. They offer a whole range of all natural products. 
A beard is no longer a simple thing. It requires special attention, a specific comb, shampoo, oil and moisturiser. If you don’t know, now you know. Take care of that beard. 

Until next time, style is personal, do you.

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