Super Women

We men spend most of our time with a woman

At school it’s mostly women. The majority of our teachers from kindergarten to sixth form are women. In our churches we find mostly women. When you think about it, throughout the lifetime of the average man, he will spend a significant amount of time with women. Still, we often lament that the absence of fathers is such a huge part of the problems black communities face. I posit that the absence of good women in the lives of children cause as much harm as absentee fathers.  

She’s a nurturer

We are all a product of our environment. Who and what we are exposed to determine who we become. In former years, our grandmothers would be nearby. These infinite sources of wisdom spent time nurturing the next generation. It was routine for kids to be sent to spend time with granny. What we learnt during those precious moments are invaluable. You don’t learn these life skills in any school. But in our modern world, we have relegated these sages to a care home, locked away from the next generation. The TV and internet have replaced the wisdom of the matriarch. So, we are missing culture and know-how that only comes from their experience. When you couple that with teenage pregancies then the outcomes are not hard to predict. A woman who is ill-prepared to rear children will do untold harm to subsequent generations.  

The converse is also true. It is incredible to see what dedicated, single mothers have achieved and how they have inspired the next generation. I believe that our women who stay committed to caring for their families, make an immeasurable contribution to our society. When a mother does her duty to her children, it sets up the grandchildren. But it’s not just our mothers. It’s the teacher in the classrooms that affect our educational outcomes. It’s the aunties in church that offer love, care and concern moulding us emotionally and spiritually. It’s those shopowners that act as small banks to suport our community.   

If individuals we spend most of our time with pour good values into our lives then there is a greater chance that we might improve the outcomes. Exposure increases influence and the correlation is made pronounced in the behaviour displayed in our society. If we accept that the absence of fathers carry severe consequences then the presence of a mother must carry equal weight.  

They taught all of us.

As we celebrate our women today, let’s acknowledge those who have had to raise kids in the midst of extremely trying circumstances with little to no help. We see the superwomen who controls the family finances and meal plans. We see the superwomen who have to take on multiple roles even with a man present. We see the superwomen who do any job they can find just to take care of their children. We see the superwoman who stands by her husband, encouraging, motivating and investing in him and the family. We see the superwomen in our classrooms nurturing and educating the nation with low pay and an overcrowded classroom. We see the superwomen in church teaching sunday and sabbath school for years. We see you superwomen who fight to make your way to the boardroom, despite stiff opposition from male conterparts. We see you superwomen who are starting businesses and inventing products and processes that are changing our world. We see you!  

We need more superwomen. Our world needs more of you. Our boys need exposure to more of you. Our little girls need more of you to look up to. Sure the world needs more good men but we would simply crumble without superwomen.

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