Most Popular Sneakers Worn in London

Whether you take the tube, rail or bus, Hyde Park or Soho, Lewisham to Tottenham, undoubtedly these are the trainers you will see. The puzzling thing is they are extremely popular with people of all ages. Not much variety is seen in the streets so it’s almost uniformed. Another issue is the availability of large sizes. People like me with size 11 feet have a little challenge finding shoes. It’s even more difficult for my wife. She wears size 8 and in most instances there is no available shoes in the smaller stores. Her best bet is to head to the men’s section. Large stores may have stock but it is still a slim chance.

Air Max, I suspect you will not find a more popular shoes around London at the moment. This is by far the most common pair of trainers I’ve seen. At one point it would almost appear to be part of a uniform. On the train, easily there could be 2 in every 5 persons wearing one.

Nike Air Max 270

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Running

Nike AirMax 1 London

These are the latest in the line that got launched in time for summer. The females’ are quite spectacularly coloured given a very vibrant look.

Nike Air Max 2090

Air Force 1 is a staple amongst younger persons. Nothing particularly fancy, black or white will always do. But if you’re really into them then you may want to join The member benefits includes restricted access to the newest designs.

Nike Air Force 1 Low 

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 LV8

Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low

Vans is another staple though more popular with the ladies and skateboarders. The simple look and neat finish make them well suited for minimalist outfits.

Vans Old Skool

Adidas Originals are all time classics that never get outdated. They are always in style, no matter how streets styles have changed.

adidas Originals NMD_R1

adidas Originals Continental 80

Whatever is you choice of trainers, make sure they are very comfy and easy to clean. I have seen many a Londoner with what was a white pair of trainers. Now brown and worn, but dressed up with a boot cut Levi’s jeans and MAN shirt. I will not even try to understand the thinking here. Keep your shoes clean, they’ll look better and last longer.
As always, style is personal. Do you.

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