Up your style game!

Some men do not love to read. The modern man wants to look good, smell good and feel good. I suggest that this achievable if you are willing to read. There are literally tons of blogs/websites/magazines/books with information on what to wear, what to eat and how to be emotionally healthy. The information is available but it will require researching and reading. All you need is internet and a little time to spare.

Now for my disclaimer: you may not be able to purchase what you see! Ok? This is just to inform your fashion sense. Learn how to match colors and prints. Get ideas for shirt and tie, socks and shoe combinations. It’s a good way to see what trends are fading, what’s in and what’s coming. After all, you don’t want to be outdated and be caught in something fit for the antique shop. For lifestyle the perks are the same, new ways to old things, old habits you need to drop and new habits you need to form. As for smelling good, new skin and hair products are created ever so often. You don’t have to stick with that old brand unless it’s really good. Be in the know.

Now, no one source is the repository of all knowledge about fashion, food and fun for men. Although, mrporter.com comes pretty close to perfect. So, who do you trust? If this is your first time, you want to go with the old, tried and faithful GQEsquireElleVogue, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, BBCGoodFood and of course Ask Men. Various blogs are also popping up now. RMRS gives a listing of the top ten blogs (these are all in English). I must add a favorite of mine, this really cool blog, Le Club des douze (English version available).

How do you keep up? You can subscribe to emails from these magazines or follow the blogs. A quick and easy way to keep up is to follow them on twitter. I generally check up on what’s happening every day except on weekends. (I take my rest seriously!) This way I keep current with all that’s happening. You may choose a frequency that is convenient to your lifestyle. Note though, it can become addictive and absorbing, so, limit your time and stick to your limit. Of course if an article you’re interested in is just too long, you can always bookmark that page so you can read it at a later date.

With all of that said, style will always be personal. There’s nothing like tapping into your own creative energy and doing what makes you unique! Go create your own trend, find your own style, and don’t forget to take pictures!

I’ll be back!

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