Socks, socks, socks…

The Early Days

In the Stone Age, men would wrap animals’ skin around their feet. Believe it or not, these were the first socks. From there we moved to wearing woven fabric by the 2nd Century. The first knitted socks were discovered in Egypt. By the Middle Ages, men were wearing coloured socks that would cover their entire legs and were held in place by a garter. Funky socks came into mention somewhere in the 14th Century.The old familiar quote says, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Of course, we cannot forget those tights, which were a type of sock worn by men in the 15th Century.

How did we move from the long tights to our short socks? As trousers got longer, socks got shorter. That’s the truth.

Thanks to the English man William Lee, we now have knitting machines. He provided the very first of any such machine. This facilitated different prints and patterns to be used. Chemistry is not without mention, for the invention of nylon in the 1930’s started the genesis of synthetic fabrics that would be used to make socks. Today, socks are made from polyester, acrylic, polyamide and spandex. 

What to wear with what…

Soxy Socks
We all remember being told your socks should match your shoes. That was then. Modern day gents wear socks of various colours and patterns that complement their clothing. From polka dots to stripes and images, we’ve seen it all. The sock revolution is in full gear and it has been televised, photographed, tweeted, tumbled and instagramed. Just like these new verbs, the new socks are trendy, distinct and completely out of the box. 
I say go with what represents you. Wear a pair that defines you and how you feel, but for Pete’s sake, ensure that your colors complement and/or coordinate with some piece of your clothing. 
Do not wear a white dress socks! 
There is also a difference between what you wear to the gym and what you wear to a formal occasion. Your pair of Nike athletic socks are made for just that – things athletic. For more advice see these Sock Rules.

A fresh pair is needed everyday. It’s a known fact that our feet produce large amounts of sweat. To prevent accumulation of fungi and smelly feet, change your socks every day. Wash socks as directed by manufacturer.


The prices vary according to brand, fabric and functionality. Take for example this pair of Fair Isle Knit Cashmere-blend socks by Club Monaco, available at mrporter which could set you back a $100 US.
On the athletic side, we have a pair of Nike Elite Compression OTC running socks, available at Nike,which cost $50 US. Not to worry, there are hundreds of cheaper models which look just as good though with limited functionality.

There are literally hundreds of companies that offer good quality socks at really reasonable prices. I will highlight a few of my favourites.
Paul Smith

Hugo Boss

Polo Ralph Lauren 
I’m really liking this set from Happy Socks. Not just is it fancy and funky, but it comes at a very good price. On a budget? This is definitely a deal worth making use of.
Big Dot Gift Box 
 Where to shop for socks?
Forever21  H&M   MRPORTER   Mod Deals   Sock Drawer   Happy Socks 

Sock Dreams   Debenhams   SockShop    Soxy Socks   Artie

With that said, break out those funky socks!

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