How to Wear a Pocket Square: Accessories, Part III

Image maybe subject to copyright. There’s one piece of men’s clothing accessory that has always fascinated me. The well dressed man should be clad in a well fitted suit, appropriate, nice leather shoe, smart tie, a solid, slim fit dress shirt, a time piece and still you’d be lacking something. A pocket square. The pocket square is a small, square piece of fabric resembling a … Continue reading How to Wear a Pocket Square: Accessories, Part III

Accessories For The Modern Gentleman. These are the little things that add flare and style to your look. Distinct pieces of accessories give that edge, that unique mark that elevates one above their contemporaries. They make you the first among equals. Over the next few weeks the blogs will take a look at the different accessories that the modern gentleman should have. The tie pin The tie pin, also … Continue reading Accessories For The Modern Gentleman.

Up your style game!

Some men do not love to read. The modern man wants to look good, smell good and feel good. I suggest that this achievable if you are willing to read. There are literally tons of blogs/websites/magazines/books with information on what to wear, what to eat and how to be emotionally healthy. The information is available but it will require researching and reading. All you need … Continue reading Up your style game!