Trousers or Pants? You decide.

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Last Tuesday I saw a rather embarrassing scene while watching the European Champions League match between Bayern Munich and FC Porto: Pep Guardiola had a nice size tear in his pants. Sorry Pep, but all that gesticulating in that Slim-Fit dress pants was bound to end in disaster. Good thing Bayern won.

The Americans say “pants” while the British call them “trousers” or “slacks.”


It would appear that pants wearing for both men and women started in Eastern civilization. The Asians wore pants for warmth and convenience long before Europeans. Eventually, this trend spread to Rome and Greece from where the rest of Europe would eventually catch on. Believe it or not it’s the riding of horses that warranted the wide-scale acceptance and use of pants by men. In the west, it started with warriors and noblemen and over time spread to the common man.

Did you know?
Until 1970 it was not fashionable and sometimes illegal for women to wear pants in offices, classrooms and restaurants in the U.S.

Types of trousers: Trousers went through an evolution of sorts. From hose and stockings to breeches and then to stand-alone trousers. At one point they were a form of underwear. Modern types of trousers include chinos, khakis, jeans, corduroys, dress/suit pants and cargo pants. There’s also joggers and draw string pants which are now making a resurgence.

Just what do they look like?

The Chino
Almost as popular and ubiquitous as the jeans, this type of trousers has become a staple wear for men around the world. They come in all different colors.

The Jeans

Any pants made from denim is usually referred to as jeans. These are your every day pants. They can manage the rigours of the outdoors as well as the cool, more relaxed, indoors. You can opt to dress them up by adding a blazer, or dress down by going with a regular t-shirt.


These are a type of Chinos and excellent for dress down days at the office. While used traditionally as a uniform for students, it should be limited to that use as it is quite versatile.


Time for something a little out of the ordinary. For the man who wants to remain casual but classy, a pair of corduroy will do.


Now a fashion statement and not just gym wear. It’s becoming trendy to be seen in one of these of late. Consider it a fashionable piece of sportswear. 


The Dress Trousers
You can either go for one in a retail store or have a bespoke dress trousers. It’s really hard to find a good tailor. As difficult as it is, you need to find one. From bespoke clothes to alterations, let them be your best friend.

How to purchase a pair of trousers:

First of all, you need to know what is the dress code for the venue or function you’re attending. Have an idea of the prevailing climate as well.

Secondly, have your own sense of style. You should know what design or particular details you want, because it represents you. Don’t just follow the models on the TV and Magazines.

Know your budget before you start looking. No need to look at a pair of Berlutti, Lanvin or Alexander McQueen when you can only afford something from HM. Still doesn’t hurt to dream. Just know your reality and your limits.

What’s your waist size? Know this. What length trousers do you wear? Know this. They are NOT the same. Ideally, the pants should fall right on top of your shoes and not over it.

Dress trousers MUST be hemmed before wearing.

If you go into a store, try the trousers before you leave. A size 34 Slim-Fit jeans is quite different from a size 34 Boot-cut jeans. You aught to know that in a Slim-Fit trousers you keep your movements to a minimum. Take my advice.

But just in case you want the best of both worlds, there’s new technology: stretch fabric.

Well, that’s all for now. In parting, whatever you do, spend your hard earned cash on quality.

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