Socks, socks, socks…Part 2.

I was in the middle of doing this week’s blog post when I came across this startling piece of information: copper socks are healthier.

A few months ago I did a piece on trendy socks for men but none of them offered this.

What if you could find a pair of socks that would fight bad odour, kill bacteria and fungi, leaving your feet healthier? Such socks actually exist!

These are Copper socks!

Copper socks? There’s nothing trendy or sartorial about them. I don’t see dapper gentlemen going for these products. No high fashion magazine mentions these. So you may ask:

But isn’t copper a metal?
Yes it is.
How then do we get copper socks?
The chemist in me wants to delve into the fine details but I will resist and make this palatable for average fashionista.

The Science Says…

Copper ions (tiny charged copper particles) are infused into the fabric used to make the socks. This acts as a natural barrier and prevents a build up of bacteria and fungi. It is all natural, approved by the FDA and rigorously tested.

The picture below shows one particular product from Miracle Copper with claims of being an anti-fatigue socks.

In ancient times copper coins were added to water as a means of purification. Modern science have studied the effect of copper particles on germ (bacteria and fungi) and the evidence is overwhelming. The copper particles actually kill these microbes. The exact mechanism of action by these particles are discussed in an article by researchers at the University of Arizona.There is ongoing research with a new look now to have copper alloys on touch surfaces. This will reduce microbial (germ) load on surfaces that our hands touch frequently, such as door knobs. Feel free to to review the research done and articles in print about copper as a anti-microbial agent.

On the evidence of the research, this thing works! This is not a cock and bull story concocted to sell some fancy product.

There are quite a few entities producing copper fibres and copper clothing. One such company is Cooper Clothing from the UK.

Another is Copper Sole which produce these socks…

See also Copper Fit

There is easy access to the these different copper socks online. Places such as Amazon and Alibaba offer these products.

So there you have it. It’s old world technology in modern clothing. Not just fashionable but functional footwear. I think this is a fantastic idea and not just because I’m a scientist. Healthy socks protect your feet. We all want clean, fresh sound feet.

“Knowledge is key.”

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