Accessories For The Modern Gentleman.

These are the little things that add flare and style to your look. Distinct pieces of accessories give that edge, that unique mark that elevates one above their contemporaries. They make you the first among equals. Over the next few weeks the blogs will take a look at the different accessories that the modern gentleman should have.

The tie pin

The tie pin, also known as the tie clip or the tie clasp, refers to a horizontal clip used to secure the tie to dress shirt, thus keeping it in place. Ties can become annoying when they’re blown all over the place. The constant shifting from side to side could easily distort your look and is often very distracting.

Coming to prominence about some 20 years after the appearance of the modern tie, it has seen this popularity wane and then make a come back in recent years. This functional accessory also finds use as an advert for different persons, countries, products, organizations or alma maters.

They can come very cheap:
Like this tie clip seen on NEXT is only £10.

Or a bit pricey:
Like this Checked Rhodium Plated tie clip by LANVIN at MRPORTER. Cost is US $140

The length of your tie pin is dependent on the width of your tie. 
Image maybe subject to copyright.

You could go with a small tie pin and a broad tie. Sometimes it’s how you wear the clothes and not so much what you wear. “The man wears the clothes.” Not the other way around.

The Tie Thing

Some time last year I came across this simple implement that does the same job as a tie clip but it remains hidden from sight. These are made from fabrics and come in various colours. As for pricing, they’re quite cheap. Going for 10 quids.

The Tie thing sharp&dapper

Here’s how it works: simply fasten the tie thing to buttons above and below the loop on the back of the tie and voila!

Taken from sharp&dapper

Now the tie is pinned without a tie pin

The Lapel Pin

Ever wondered what’s that little flower men wear on the lapel of their jacket? Better yet, take a look at the jacket Harvey is wearing here. Notice that the lapel on your right carries a small opening at the top.

That opening is created to hold what is called a lapel pin. This is sometimes called a lapel flower.

A close up of the lapel flower
These come in various shapes….

and then some…

They come in various colours as well…

These particular details in your attire speak well of your sense of style and give that dandy appearance.


Gentlemen, we all need to walk with handkerchiefs. Never leave your house without one in your pocket. Not a face rag or a bandanna, just a simple and plane hanky.

As seen on Macy’s
This serves to wipe your nose in the spring when your allergies flare up. There is also the occasional incident when a lady sheds a tear in your presence and you may want to offer her your hanky. You’re a gentleman after all. These days the heat is really on and we perspire a lot more. It’s way too tacky to pull out a face rag! Invest in a few handkerchiefs, they’re dirt cheap and quite handy.
That’s all for today gents. The series continues next week with a look at pocket squares. 
Also look out for the launch of our company – catering to the modern gentleman’s need for style.
Ciao for now.
Do you and remember, “Style is personal.”

Photos were taken from Pinterest.

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