The Male Handbag and other Men’s Bags

Let’s face it, there’s no way that iPhone 6, bunch of keys and your wallet are going to hold in the pockets of that slim fit chino pants you’re wearing. Furthermore, that slim fit dress shirt has no pocket. Don’t even consider the jacket, because the last thing you want is to see unsightly bulges.
We men were accustomed to just walking with a wallet. Now, our phones are getting larger and there is an increasing amount of gadgets we must carrying around, recognize that we are now more into fitted clothing. What to do with all the stuff we men must take with us? So the fashion industry has catered to our new need. I present to you the man purse.


“A carrying case for men, yet similar to a large purse for women rather than a briefcase. Very VERY metrosexual (and European). It’s the metro way to carry a lot of stuff around.”

Be careful when and with whom you use the term, less you offend someone.

In some locals it’s referred to as a “murse“. Personally, I much prefer the “satchel”, another term for this bag. There are a range of handbags that are designed for men which are quite trendy and reasonably priced. As a matter of fact, in 2014 the NPG Group published data to indicate that sales in men’s handbags have increased by 47% as compared with 5% drop in that for women’s handbags. This is one trend that doesn’t seem to be relenting. So, here’s my little advice.

1. If you’re into the purse idea…this is how it’s done. Try going for neutral colours.

It doesn’t get any better than these

LOUIS VITTON: Saint-Paul Clutch
United by Blue Canvas Travel Bag
Small Leather Clutch Wallet

2. In case you thought those were too “girly”, you may want to get a tote. The key feature here is the long, fastened handles. Still somewhat “girly” but now a favourite of older men. If you can get pass the length of the handles then you’re fine.

The Tote

Simple Tote from Saddleback $159
Brohm Tote by Herschel Supply $99
Playgo Tote Bag by DIESEL $150

3. Now for something a little more professional – the briefcase. I am not referring that clunky, heavy, square looking case your gramps still has hidden in the closet. The modern gentlemen goes for something far more classy, light weight and fashionable.

The Gentleman’s Briefcase

‘Fulton’ Leather Briefcase by Ben Minkoff $325

Ben Minkoff $245
4. This next bag is a cross between the briefcase and the tote. It’s called the messenger bag. For those looking to avoid the “girly” look, this is the way to go. Your laptop or tablet will fit perfectly. No exterior pockets. No long handles. Equipped with a strap so it can be carried on your shoulders, leaving your hands free.

The Messenger Bag

Charcoal Crosshatch by Columbia Messenger $84
Sullivan Leather Messenger Bag by COACH $450
Leather Messenger Bag  by Jack Mason Brand $275

How to carry it.

5. There’s one bag that is somewhat a hybrid of the tote and the messenger bag. This is the Crossbody bag. It’s small, flat and square but carries a long enough strap to be carried across the body. They come in various colours and designs so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that suits your fancy.

The Crossbody Bag

Ainsley Crossbody Bag by Burberry $575
Leather Crossbody bag by Marc Jacobs
Men’s Crossbody Backpack found on Etsy
6.When you decide on getting a bag, keep in mind your height. Small bags for shorter people and larger bags are for tall people. It’s all about proportionality. 
There’s absolutely no good reason for you not to go get a sensible handbag gentlemen. Next week we look at two other types of bags for men. Until then, live strong! Do you and remember, “style is personal.”
*Images taken from Pinterest, unless otherwise stated.

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