Men’s Guide to Selecting a Full Outfit

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For most men it’s a task to arrange an outfit for anything that’s not a black tie event. Men simply don’t do well with colour matching. The tide is changing somewhat but some guys still don’t get it. Others don’t care at all, they wear anything to anywhere and are quite confident. Unlike men in the east who wear white robes, we in the West have to do quite a bit when deciding what clothes to wear to a social or formal event.

Today we discuss what to wear with what. Oftentimes we men purchase a single item of clothing because it looks fly. What you didn’t realise is that you’ll need to put it with some other piece of clothing you already own. This a challenge we face all the time but I will seek to suggest some full attires.

The Formal Attire

So you have an interview ir a business meeting and you’re quite sure what to wear. A black suit will do the job. This is your standard suit with a two button jacket and a flat front trousers.The spread collar on the dress shirt really highlights the tie. Add to this a pair of colored socks.

River Island Black micro texture wool slim suit jacket $220

Bugatchi Trim Fit Plaid Dress Shirt: $129.00
Tiebar Dotted Dots $19.00
NEXT Black Suit Pants:

Debenhams Men’s Socks £11.0

DSW Steve Madden Spencer Oxford: $69.95
For the rather casual bloke

The work week is finished and you’re off to visit friends for the weekend. Add some color to you life and don’t do the regular blue jeans. Of all these pieces, I have a love for the Clarks Original Desert shoe. This leather upper is just uniquely designed and fits oh so well. One of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

HM Plaid Cotton Shirt $34.89

Zara Trousers with Belt:$39.90

Lorenzo Umo – Argyle Socks: $12.50

Clarks Originals Desert Trek: £90.99

Semi-Casual Attire

Somewhere in between the business meetings and the weekend visits you have date nights. There are those events that can’t be classified as formal but they’re not exactly casual either. This white dress shirt and jeans will smooth you over. Notice I ditched the sneaker for a pair of loafers, presenting a  much more classy look.

River Island Navy Check Skinny fit Blazer: $180.00

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Cravat Club – Printed Silk Pocket Square: £40

BHS, Slim fit White Shirt: £12.00 

Levi’s Men’s Jeans: $39 – $42

ALDO BATAUD Dress Loafers: $59.98
How to wear a chino shorts

Every other guy knows about a tank top and a shorts but the chino shorts is a whole other matter. Shorts are trendy during the summer but are also well suited for those trips to the beach. These chinos work well with dress shirts. The regular guy would wear a tank top or a simple t-shirt with this but that’s not you. I’ve selected a chambray dress shirt, perfect fabric for those hot days.

GAP Clean Chambray Shirt: $35.99
HM Chino Shorts: $19.95
SPERRY Original Boat Shoe: £85.00

The Simplest Thing in the book

There can be no complications with a jeans and t-shirt. If you get this wrong, hire a stylist. My advice is to find that unique t-shirt and get a good, solid pair of slim fit jeans. The no-show socks are excellent especially with cuffed slacks. In terms of sneaker choice it’s all down to your style and taste. Some guys prefer a Nike Lebron James shoes or the Nike Air Huarache which is the new craze. But I’m a simple guy with a complicated taste so, I’ll go for a unique brand of sneakers like Creative Recreation.

FCUK  Classic Pocket t-shirt $25.9

Ted Baker Straight fit selvedge jeans: £120
Taft No-show socks: $11.00
Creative Recreation Lacava Red Vintage:$60.00

Those are just a few combinations to show how to arrange different pieces in your wardrobe. The prices are on the lower end because the average Joe won’t always be able to afford those expensive articles we see on the runways in London, Paris or Milan. The blue collar man is looking for a really good deal on clothes and accessories. He’s not being cheap.

Now, it can sometimes be an headache to put together an outfit. The idea is to use complementary colours and patterns. Or you can do a contrast with shades. What I suggest is that you put the pieces together, the full attire, and see how it looks. Then decide on what to do with what you have. All that aside, feel free to do what you like. Create your own style and start your own trend. Be a leader and not just an imitator of other men’s thoughts.

Do you and remember, style is personal.

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