Getting Dressed with the Black Tux

Taken from The Black Tux

At the end of this blog, the only thing you need remember is: The Black Tux.

Indecisive – the word that best describes me as I prepare for a function. Typically, I’ll take out a pair of pants, a few shirts and a couple of ties from which I select an outfit for my pending engagement. If I’m going with a jacket, then that is placed alongside everything else. All these clothes are strewn on the bed. Then comes the big question:

What exactly am I going to wear?

No other question haunts me as much as this. I look in the closet and I’m seeing blue, purple, burgundy, green, brown and peach shirts. If that’s not enough the blue coloured shirts are divided by patterns. Do I go with a plaid or a striped shirt or should I just go with a plain, blue shirt? This is always my dilemma. Notice I have not even mentioned the tie selection. Getting dressed takes time. Women, you understand this best.

Getting Dressed: The Process

The Pants

A grey flat front pants

I tend to go for dark, slim fit, dress pants with a flat front. It’s the versatility of these that are most advantageous. Now, I think you just cannot go wrong with choosing charcoal. The look is halfway between black and grey which makes a good fit with most colours. To get the length of the pants just perfect, you may want to have your tailor measure your actual length and hem the pants accordingly. A standard black or brown belt is advisable as per the colour of your shoe. In the case of brown, be careful to match the shade of brown with the belt. There is brown and there is brown.

With the pants selected we can now move to the shirt.

Which Shirt?

I have found the one solution to this shirt challenge – the white dress shirt. It works every time, for any occasion. Apparently, I’m not alone in my thinking.

Mr. Putin
Mr. Cameron

These statesmen always seem to wear white dress shirts. It’s an all time classic piece of formal wear.

The Ties

Most men may actually have more ties than they have shirts to match. This increases the challenge of selecting an appropriate tie to wear. With a plain shirt you will need something contrasting and a bit of colour. It’s a good idea to go for patterns or knitted fabric. The width of the tie should be guided by the width of your jacket’s lapel. For a wide lapel you’ll need a wide tie and for a narrow lapel a skinny tie will do just fine.

The knitted tie is a definite winner.

The Black Tux with the slim tie and narrow lapel.
Notice the wide lapels?

The Shoes

This is the easiest decision of the entire process. Whether monk strap, Oxford or brogues, it really comes down to black or brown. For a charcoal or grey suit, either can work. However, for a black suit, you want to go with a pair of standard black, leather shoes.

The Black Tux: Black leather shoes

Brown Oxfords

I love to add a little spunk to my attire, so I generally play around with my socks and pocket squares.


1. A pocket square

A Sapeur of the Congo.

It breathes life into your attire and definitely sets you apart from your contemporaries.

2. A tie pin

The tie pin is more than functional. It’s a really stylish accessory when used appropriately.

3. Cufflinks

The Black Tux: Cufflinks and studs

These show that the gentleman is one who pays attention to detail. Adding them gives you a touch of class.

Now here is the best news of all. You may not own all of what I have mentioned so far but there’s no need to worry. Recently I found an online tuxedo rental company that offers suits, shirts, shoes, and accessories…for rent. Yes! For rent. This is a name all gents should get to know:

They operate out of Los Angeles, California and have been in business since 2013. Their aim is to offer not just a better rental experience but a better product. If you’re preparing for a routine formal event or for your best friend’s wedding, these are your go-to guys. They really take the hassle out of preparing attire for such events. Imagine sitting at your computer and ordering something like this:

This is one time I’m thinking inside the box!

High quality suits, classic cotton shirts, leather/patent shoes, accessories, all sent to your door. Everything in one place. If you have sufficient competence, you can select the specific pieces you desire or you can choose a curated look, which gives you a complete outfit with handpicked accessories. Your package arrives a week in advance so you can do the fitting and get the necessary adjustments done in time for the big day. This is convenience at its best. They have narrowed down the whole process to four simple steps.

1.Select a style 
2.Measure Online 
3.Try it on 
4.Return it easy.

Getting all dapper and dandy just got as easy as the clicking of a button. Don’t just take my word for it, go on over and have a look.

When all else fails, do you. “Style is personal.”

*All pictures taken from Pinterest unless stated otherwise

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