Pictures of Bath, An Old Roman City

Old Roman Roads
There are many interesting sights and scenes in this well planned town. From Roman columns to centuries old roads to unique bridges along the Avon river, the views are absolutely picturesque. The monochromatic buildings made from stone are signifying mark of the town. Nothing seems out of place, even the newer buildings conform to the dominant Georgian styles.
Night Lights 
The Bath Abbey

The visit to the Abbey ended up being a lesson in history. Met this lovely old lady who was most pleasant and quite funny. She shared with us the history of the construction of the abbey. Apparently it was started in 600 AD. Different portions of the structure were completed hundreds of years apart. Astonishingly, it fits together seamlessly.  The floor contains hundreds of gravestones called ledgerstones.

The high sealing is a spectacular piece of artwork. The earlier sections were made from block of stone. There is a slight difference in the sections added afterwards as the fans show a joint. Still it is a majestic structure.

Ceiling Fans
The Chandelier

If you fancy Georgian architecture then this place is definitely worth a visit. The ideal point to get a view of the entire town is the Bath Skyline. I took a quick jog to see what the view was like. Unfortunately it was a wet and cloudy morning and that ruined my pictures.


Getting to the Bathwick Point was a serious trek up a rather steep and winding track. I had great plans of running all the way to the top but after starting the incline, I quickly reverted to walking.

Bath Skyline
Rest Spot

I intend to return and capture a shot of the town from Bathwick Point. Hopefully, the sun will be out, the skies will be clear and the rains will abate for that brief moment.

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